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We regularly advise large and small companies, as well as individual entrepreneurs, and partnerships, counselling them on matters of structure, formation, operation and compliance of their companies. We draft and negotiate their agreements, we process their business acquisitions and sales, we field their inquiries on a broad spectrum of corporate issues.


One of the most important areas of our office practice is international transactions, primarily contracts and tax planning. We assist our clients in the conception, drafting and negotiation of international agreements, such as:

  • License, distribution and franchising arrangements;
  • Sales agreements for general merchandise as well as for construction projects, industrial complexes and the like transactions.
We advise our clients on the EU and Latvian competition aspects.

In addition to the general corporate and commercial matters, we also offer our clients a more specialized empmhasis on commercial agencies and franchising. We assist our clients by locating and/or providing background information on potential agents as well as negotiating and drafting the agency and/or franchising agreements.


We represent our clients in courts in civil and criminal cases.

We handle contract disputes, construction-related claims, deceptive trade practices, commercial breach of warranty claims, fraudulent conversion of asset cases, insurance as well as we handle all matters in mediation and arbitration proceedings.


Where appropriate, by drawing from our considerable expertise in international taxation we are able to propose solutions aimed at maximizing tax benefits, such as creation of offshore vehicles.

We can assist in instructing transactions to reduce tax burden to our clients, or, for those clients who find themselves in a tax controversy we offer solutions for your tax problems.

In matters brought before the Latvian courts, we have extensive experience in handling a wide spectrum of tax disputes.


We are ideally situated to fulfil mediate role, being located in Riga close to the decision makers who most need our advice. Our clients will also benefit from the thorough knowledge of Latvian commercial and tax law.

Besides providing general consultancy on financial law, we advise our clients on myriad of issues, including the viability of investment funds under the laws of a jurisdiction, the feasibility of on-line investment fund services, general issues relating to securities investment, regulatory implications, general consultancy relating to real estate investments and the issues associated with private placement initiatives. We also conduct due diligence on behalf of our clients.

We assist investors in all phases of concessions, including drafting concession agreements and representation of client’s interests in Latvia.


We assist lending institutions and borrowers in all phases of personal and business financing, letters of credit, real estate lending, etc.

We counsel a wide range of financial institutions and corporations on a variety of securities matters, including the applicability of the securities laws of the local jurisdictions to various financial and securities transactions involving local corporations and individuals.


Our insurance and re-insurance practice is founded on our close involvement with the insurance market over the last years. We act in insurance and re-insurance disputes and handle a wide variety of claims arising under policies in all classes of insurance and re-insurance, particularly in litigation.

The law office advises on the interpretation of insurance policies and development of insurance products, including regulatory compliance, and deals with a wide range of commercial and corporate transactions, including mergers, acquisitions and disposals. We assist clients in the establishment and authorisation of insurance companies and intermediaries, and advise on all regulatory and structural issues relating to insurance. We also advise on tax, pensions, corporate and insolvency matters relating to insurance and re-insurance.


This area of law is particularly relevant to our commercial clients who have chosen to open branches in the Baltic region. Advice on these matters generally focuses on the regulations surrounding the import and export of goods. The regulations involve such issues as labelling, packaging, country of origin, anti-dumping, countervailing, etc. We also advise on the various customs duties and tariffs, as well as the possibility of operating in existing free trade zones in the region.


We understand the nuances of IP work and have both the personnel and resources to assist clients in the prosecution and protection of their names, trademarks, secrets and inventions. From background searches to application preparation, from registration to prosecution, we work with entrepreneurs and business owners to safeguard their ideas and intellectual property. We can deal with the intricacies of utility and design patents, the problems of conflicting marks, and the growing use and misuse of domain names. We advocate client’s positions before the Latvian Patent Office and the Copyright and Communication Consulting Agency/ Latvian Copyright Agency. When necessary, we litigate against those who unlawfully infringe on established intellectual property rights, trade secrets and business names.


In this age of the Internet and global communications, IT, telecommunications and e-commerce issues are becoming more and more aspects of everyday business. Our work in this area includes mobile communication systems, telecom competition issues as well as internet-specific issues.


We actively counsel a large number of clients on a wide range of issues relating to public procurement of the Baltic states’ governments and municipalities ranging from military to civil matters. Our work in this area includes advising our clients on the procedure involved for procurements in the jurisdiction, types of contracts subject to procurement laws and different rules and regulations affecting the process.

We assist and advise developers of industrial projects. It includes advising the client on administrative, environmental and constitutional issues, as well as dealing with various public authorities.


We assist in the acquisition, sale of real estate and commercial retail as well as residential real estate leases.

We assist and counsel clients negotiating and drafting construction and sub- construction agreements.


Our advice on privatisation matters begins with the tender process and usually precedes through to the completion of the project, as well as we advice our clients on prerequisites for tenders, which may be of interest to them.


We assist natural persons to develop claims for the European Court of Human Rights as well as represent clients in local courts in human rights matters.

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