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Latvian Law Search Engine
Latvian Law Search Engine
European Union Law
European Union Law
Estonian Legal Acts

Trade & Investment TOP

Baltic Investment Agency
World Trade Organization
Latvian Central Depositary
Depositary of Lithuania
Riga Stock Exchange
Tallinn Stock Exchange
National Stock Exchange of Lithuania
Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
International Commercial Arbitration Links

Europe TOP

European Union
European Court of Justice
European Court of Human Rights

Education TOP

Concordia International University Estonia
Riga Graduate School of Law
Stockholm School of Economics in Riga

Governments TOP


Chancery of the President of Latvia
President of Estonia
President of Republic of Lithuania


Latvian Parliament
Lithuanian Parliament
Estonian Parliament



Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia
Ministry of Justice of Latvia
Ministry of Finance of Latvia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia
Ministry of Economics of Latvia
Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Latvia
Ministry of Culture of Latvia
Ministry of Welfare of Latvia
Ministry of Agriculture of Latvia
Ministry of Transport of Latvia
Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Latvia
Ministry of Defence of Latvia


Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Economic Affairs of Estonia
Ministry of Education of Estonia
Ministry of Environment of Estonia
Ministry of Finance of Estonia
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Estonia
Ministry of Justice of Estonia
Ministry of Transport and Communication of Estonia


Lithuanian Prime Ministers Office
Ministry of Economy of Lithuania
List of State Institutions of Lithuania


Constitutional Court of Latvia
Riga Regional Court
Kuldiga District Court
Supreme Court of Estonia

State Agencies


State Revenue Service of Latvia
Latvian Development Agency

Bank of Latvia

State Enterprise Register of Latvia

Latvia Insurance Supervision Inspectorate
Securities Market Commission of Latvia
State Land Service of Latvia
Latvian State Gazette
Latvian Privatization Agency

Latvia Road Traffic Safety Directorate


Estonian State Gazette


Lithuanian Development Agency
European Integration Bureau
Bank of Lithuania
State Real Estate Agency
List of State Institutions of Lithuania


Union of Local and Regional Governments of Latvia
City of Liepaja
City of Ventspils
City of Rezekne
Riga City Council
City of Tallinn
City of Vilnius
Local Authorities and Administrations of Counties Governors of Lithuania
Association of Local Authorities of Lithuania
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